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Kentucky WOCP School
A master of roses on porcelain, Phyllis McElhinney, will be teaching roses painted on a porcelain lamp. The lamp is a beautiful shaped accent lamp that will be the envy of visitors to your home. Be sure to register to join Phyllis for a great learning opportunity and to create your own version of this lovely painting.

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Featured Art School

Midwest Porcelain Art School
Porcelain artist Rosa Maria Plancarte is known around the world for her intricate and beautiful decorative porcelain painting using raised paste and gold. Join Rosa for a special opportunity to learn the in's and out's ... the do's and don'ts of using raised paste and gold. You will have the opportunity to learn from a master at this year's Midwest Porcelain Art School, and you will create a unique porcelain box designed by Rosa.

NOTE: Turpentine is used in this class.

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Featured Art School

Jane Wright
A monochromatic portrait of a child painted on porcelain by porcelain artist and teacher, Jane Wright.
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